Size S: Bust 77-80 cm. Waist 62-64 cm. Hips 87-89 cm.

Size M: Bust 81-84 cm. Waist 65-67 cm. Hips 90-92 cm. 

Size M


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    Hanan aulia


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    Mira Anggraeni

    Bajunya baguss, pass dan wangii bgt.. Cs nya baik biarpun sempet majuin tanggal kirim dan ngerubah alamat.. Pokonya puass.. Apalagi skrg bisa fitting at home *two thumbs up*

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    Sheila Dara Aisha

    <p class="fr-tag">A faboulous dress, that will save you for your cinderella moment, The dress fits me in every way...</p><p class="fr-tag">Thank you BELSBEE</p>

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    Michelle Hendra

    <p class="fr-tag">I am wearing Patrick Owen's Neoprene dress from @belsbee for Charles and Keith Fall Winter 2015 collection show! #belsbee love love love</p>

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    nadia maya

    I love belsbee cuz its really help me at the moment i feel dressless of some sudden event. Belsbee was like my fairy god mother! I love the friendly admin, really fast cargo, and the quality of the dress it was soo good! Yes it fits me :) i think to another rent for my upcoming event. Thank you dear :) <3 really satiesfied *applause

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    Makasi banyak utk dressnya. Cuttingnya elegant n keren bgt, made me look so stunning! Pelayanannya sangat memuaskan n mempermudah pelanggan! :D Super recommended! Thankyou belsbee :D

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    Friska Elisabeth barita

    cantik banget gaunnya, sesuai untuk prewedding aku. Thank you belsbee!

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    Arum Dimitri

  • Whatsapp image 2019 01 07 at 06.08.27
    Clarissa Angelica


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    Nunu Nunu

    <p class="fr-tag">BELSBEE, makes my job easier to make the bride looks exceptional on the camera...&nbsp;</p>

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    Niken Lativani

    <p class="fr-tag">Honestly, I ain't get white based on my skin. I basically yellowish, in Indonesia they called it "kuning langsat" and that's what describes my skin color the most. At first I'm dying so hard to get any whiter and tried any whitening products, and now I know, Allah made me that way to be the real me.</p>

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    Irshina Vialka

    <p class="fr-tag">Dressnya nyaman, bagus. Pokoknya dress yang disediain di belsbee bagus2 bgt bingung mau milih yang mana.. Sampe akhirnya kmrn milih yang putih ini, unique bgt aku suka model bawahnya! Trs kalo diliat dari harga sewa yang dikasih sesuai bgt sama quality barangnya. Luvly bgt!</p>

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    Nissya miracollo

    Thank you for supporting my prewedding